Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Stats, June 30

Michael: -3.52 lbs, 485.1, total loss since January: 58 lbs.
Nina: -.0 lbs, 278.84, total loss since January: 23.3 lbs.

We we both higher mid-week, lower yesterday, so all in all, not bad, although I'm still pretty stalled.


Daron said...

This looks like a nice blog. I was going to add it to my feeds site ( but you don't have your feeds turned on. Providing feeds makes it easy for readers to use certain tools to check for new posts and receive notifications without having to actually go to your URL to look. If you'd like me to list you, please turn on your feeds by going to your blogger blog settings and clicking on the tab "Site Feed" and then changing the "Allow Blog Feeds" to "FULL". Let me know when you've done so and I'll add you!

Big Daddy D

Nina said...

I checked, and they do seems to be turned on... I resaved that way, so hopefully it will work... I'll try to email you directly if I can figure out how to do it, but I'd very much like it if you added me!

Daron said...

Feeds are working now...