Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Doctor Irritation

Yesterday was Doctor Day... a round of seeing just about everyone, I think. Only good thing about it was getting it over with all in one day... although we're having an unexpected trip to the physical therapist today.

First up was our GP, who I have to say is, on the whole, a lovely guy. BUT he's a huge cholesterol cop, and the thing that he's pushed from day one is treating Michael's high LDL. And so we did, in the days before low-carb. We tried a bunch of statin drugs that didn't do much at all but ended up causing such joint pain that Michael found movement just about impossible. This killed about a year for us. We tried some resin thing... I'm not even going to try to spell it because it's not worth looking up... with no particular effects at all. Admittedly, we did not do a good job of taking it regularly, but chugging tons of this stuff only seemed to make constipation an issue. And in the end, we decided, to hell with it. Diet and exercise will help. A low carb diet will increase HDL and reduce triglycerides, and that's the important thing, anyway.

So, yesterday, he again pushed this. I/we said, we have decided not to treat this at this time. And, wow, you could see the temperature in the room change.

Yes, I know that we all get stuck in our own paradigms. I know that he really believes that this is a mistake. I know that he is genuinely concerned about this. BUT it would be nice if he'd display a little interest in something other than this one thing. The slightly worrisome rise in Michael's A1C. Weight loss. The things he's actually having a problem with. Managing diabetes better. The awesome triglyceride drop.

We were both annoyed and dismayed.

I get a little tired of having to fight about this all the time. The most tedious thing about the whole low-carb lifestyle is that some days, you just feel like you're fighting everyone.

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