Monday, June 16, 2008

Stats, Week of June 16, Not Great

Michael: +1.76 lbs, 489.7, total loss since January: 53.7 lbs.
Nina: +0/88 lbs, 278.88, total loss since January: 23.3 lbs.

It's been a very strange week. Among other things, we were in Rochester 6 out of 7 days, and although we ate ok, relatively speaking, while we were out, it threw off our schedule, and we ate a number of things that, while not exactly off-plan, were not what we normally would have chosen. I've felt out of whack all week, tired and bloated, and Michael's still on the mega-dose of naproxen, which doesn't really help anything.

So, fine. You shrug and plan for next week to be better... and I really need it to be; I'm off to Baltimore this morning to see my mother, and it's going to be difficult all around, particularly making sure that the eating stays where it should be while I'm gone for 4 days... for Michael, too. The fact of the matter is that both of us do better from every point of view when we're in the same place. This is the longest that we've been away from each other since we've been married... and it's only 4 days, but still.

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