Monday, June 23, 2008

Stats, Week of June 23, Breakeven

Michael: -1.1 lbs, 488.68, total loss since January: 54.78 lbs.
Nina: -0 lbs, 278.88, total loss since January: 23.3 lbs.

It's hard to call that really an inspiring result, but I'm not unhappy with it, given that I spent four days in Baltimore pigging out on dried fruit and too much cheese, and Michael spent four days alone here, just eating too much. Both of our weights were up considerably on Friday, and so pretty much a break even result is good.

We go to Maine a week from today, so this week needs to be a good week... we've already lost two summer weeks to travel and, I don't know, just not having a great food week. We're not going to make our June 480/270 goal... pretty far off that really. So... well, undaunted, let's think pushing that goal back a month, trying to be really careful about eating this week, and even more mindful on "vacation" or whatever this trip really is.

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