Monday, May 26, 2008

Stats, Week of May 26th

Michael: +1.32 lbs, 494.5, total loss since January: 48.84 lbs.
Nina: -0.66 lbs, 279.8, total loss since January: 22.4 lbs.

Not a stellar week, as predicted, although I'm down very slightly. We were both down more... mid-week for Michael, yesterday for me, but I'd knew I ate too much junk yesterday, and Michael... well, let's just say that processing stuff out has been difficult. Nothing to worry about, and it's a cyclical thing; we lose for a few weeks, and then there's a flat week.

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Jonny D said...

Keep going you two, you can do it! Better to have a loss and plato than a gain ;o)

Glad you njoyed the visuals.


Jonny D