Thursday, May 8, 2008

Cardio(logist) Day

Today we went for Michaels' WAY long overdue cardiologist appointment. We've been rescheduling this thing since.... something like last October. The last time I rescheduled, the receptionist basically said, you can get yourselves in here or forget it. So this one we made, because all in all it's better to stay in the system, I think. (Hmph. We only rescheduled like... five times. You'd think they'd be more understanding about that!)

Anyway, this is all because when we had the accident last year and they hooked Michael to a monitor in the hospital and discovered that he had some atrial fibrillation going on. Hard to know if this is a big concern thing or not... it's one of those things that can be a problem but also could not, and probably the biggest issue is risk of stroke. (Note to self: remember that he needs to be taking an aspirin every day.) Anyway, one year later and his heart looks pretty ok, all thing considered. A very slight enlargement of the left ventricle and a little hardening of the atrial walls which was actually true a year ago, too... so, mostly, no change. (And it was kind of fun to watch the cardiac sonogram, although the sonograms when I was pregnant were a lot better. It's more entertaining to see someone inside you than something.) The doctor again pushed getting on coumadin (blood thinner, and no, I don't think so) and metoprolol (beta blocker), but Michael's level of sensitivity to just about anything is so high that it would just be side effect city again, and so I don't want to do that. Most of the problems would be lessened or cured by weight loss, and so we cannot afford to do anything that will interfere with that.

That killed the better part of the day, but it was ok all in all. Then we picked up some fish for dinner (and a snack of tuna sashimi, very disappointing, and a little watermelon) and came home. Michael, who's having a five star day for being a lovely husband (which, actually, he is every day) had arranged for a new kitchen sink waste disposal to be installed while we were gone (to anyone who thinks this isn't a lovely present... anything that goes GRRRRRRRRRCLUNKCLUNKGRRRRRRCLUNKCLUNK every time you turn it on is seriously frightening). This new one is about double the horsepower, so it's pretty seriously frightening, too.

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