Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hand Day

We've been out of the doctor loop for a while... after last year, when it seemed like we had some sort of doctor appointment EVERY week, we just kind of took a break for a while. So now we're trying to catch up. Last week we had cardiologist day; today it was the hand guy; next week it's the eye guy; the following week, it's the general guy. Oh, and I have a dentist's appointment on Friday. I am remembering why we took a break from this, sigh!

Anyway, Michael broke the thin bone in his forearm last year in the car accident... I alway forget which bone that is, the ulna? I should know; it's such a common crossword puzzle word. It didn't heal properly... more accurately, it didn't heal at all, probably because he has to put too much weight on his forearm getting up. So in theory he could have surgery for this, but there's no point to that until he loses enough weight that he's not putting weight on his forearm getting up... and so on. So right now, we're just on the "check back in 6 months" cycle, which is ok because we get to see the hand doctor, who I like a lot although he was a little brusque today. (Actually, I suppose that he's the arm doctor. The hand doctor, unbelievably, is named Dr. Mitten.) But the real issue is insurance. I have a feeling that we should really get a lawyer; this accident was not our fault, and the other guy's insurance company would like to settle this and be done with it... and I just don't know what to do really.

The good things, though, are that a lot of the new seated workout stuff came in the mail today, so after I get through the last exam I have to give (tomorrow), I can start working on expanding our exercise routine, which really is helping. And I have marlin for dinner, which I have no idea how to cook, so if I figure out some wonderful recipe, I'll post it! And I'm in the middle of musing about what I really want to talk about... why do we crave food like mad sometimes, and other times not at all? But I need a little more time to really think that into something coherent.

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