Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pretty much good news

On the Mom front, the CAT scan showed not much... which means that the most scary thing, lots of big tumors, is not what's happening at the moment. Doctor says, probably some small bits of leftover things, essentially, and is going to try another round of chemo, which is not a pleasant idea but is a lot better than surgery again. And she'll be going into it feeling reasonably ok rather than right after surgery, so it may not be quite as bad. That's all reasonably good news, all things considered. I just wish that she were here rather than a 6 hour drive away; my sister who is there has been terrific in many ways but is not exactly what you'd call nurturing, and that's a lot of what you need, someone to just be there and make you soup and so forth. And to try to redirect this back to low-carb a little... there is so much evidence that diet is part of successful cancer treatment, particularly keeping blood glucose in a tight range... cancer feeds on sugar, and that all by itself is a pretty good reason to make one think that a no-sugar, low-glycemic diet is a good idea.

On the everything else front... our weight continues down fractionally, and I'm hoping to post great stats this week, although what generally happens lately is that our Monday weight is the worst of the week. Hopefully not! Today I'm trying to work on the garden, give a statistics review session (oh joy) and catch up with some of the stuff that I've let go while being worried out of my skull the last few days. It's a sparkling beautiful day here.

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