Monday, May 5, 2008

Not a great Monday

Let's not even talk stats today. In fact, let's weigh in again tomorrow and then see. We are both bloated and retaining water today for no known reason, and so instead of being the lowest weekly weights, today seems to be the highest, and so instead of getting discouraged about it, the plan is to chug a lot of water today and see what tomorrow looks like.

I find the random weight fluctuation more than a little annoying and discouraging... yesterday, I was at my lowest weight in this cycle; today I weigh more than I have in weeks. Why? No reason that I can tell. Didn't eat anything particularly strange yesterday... haven't been getting much exercise due to this continuing hip problem that's keeping me away from racquetball, but I haven't exactly just been sitting down, either. Ditto for Michael, who's actually been noticeably more active since we started taking the yeast supplements. Anti-yeast supplements, I should say.

So what do you do? Shrug, and push the ball up the hill a little more. It would be nice if we could speed it up a little, but that's life, I guess.

Goal for the week: eliminate (or greatly reduce) the one obvious bad food choice that we've been making, sugar-free chocolates. These things are sort of marginally ok in small doses, but they are just full of chemical crap, they make both of us feel nauseated, and they are the worst kind of empty calories. Plus it all adds up. We've been eating far too many of these lately; Michael still craves sweet treats, and I found that I actually really like the Russell Stover French Mints.... not a good thing. So I think these have to go. The occasional one is fine, but itf they're around, we eat them. When I used to smoke I always though that it would be great to have a cigarette vending machine so you could have like ONE a day, and the machine wouldn't work again until tomorrow. That's what we need for these, since just discipline doesn't seem to do it very well.

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