Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm a little discouraged today. Both of our weights are up slightly... never a happy mid-week weighing event... and I'm puzzled about why. Michael's been chugging water like mad, and that could account for it, really... but he's convinced that he's eating too much. Which would be fine if he could say, this is what I'm eating that I shouldn't. But it's not that, just like a vague general worrying. I don't think he is; I think that if anything, he's eating too little. Me... well, I might be eating too much, and secondly, my leg has been unhappy enough that I haven't been able to play racquetball (or do a great deal else) for a week. And it could be an monthly fluid retention thing, too. But it's pretty hard to just shrug and say, it's nothing, especially when his weight is up.

Yesterday we ate... let's see, about 1/3 cup of melon and about 1.5 oz hamburger for breakfast. Then a 2-egg omelet for lunch, cooked in butter, a little bacon, mushrooms, chickpeas, jalapeno, onion, salsa, sour cream, sprinkling of cheese... sounds like a lot but fractional bits of all of those things. Michael only ate about 1/2 of his. I had a few nuts and a few pork rinds at school, and then my students brought soft tacos for the class; I ate the insides, maybe 3 tablespoons of beef and cheese and lettuce. Small cold hamburger, maybe 3 oz., when I got home, plus a little butter... Michael had that too, and an apple. And then for dinner we had steaks and chili beans (maybe 1/3 cup) and pureed cauliflower. I don't know. The steaks were large... we actually ate about 1/2 of them for dinner and the rest as a snack when we were watching Top Chef at 10. All in all, not an excessive amount of food, and I don't know why I'm fussing so much about this... but I get so out of sorts when he worries about what he's eating without some kind of alternate to it... if anything, the worst thing that happened for him food-wise was that he didn't eat from about 11 to about 5:30, so his blood sugar got really low. Which I also think is something that makes it all harder (that reminds me, he also had another 1/2 cup or so of chickpeas, trying to get something into his stomach that would bring up his blood sugar a little).

I don't know. Worried about the legumes. Worried about the carb tradeoff. Just kind of worrying in general, I guess, and the smart thing would be to stop fussing and get on with the day.

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