Thursday, May 15, 2008

Setting Goals

A terrific post this morning from Merry at Cranky Fitness, about positive self-talk. Which makes the world go around really, or at least stops your head from spinning yourself into fits of anxiety and negativity. On a good day anyway, although I am just an expert at spinning myself into misery. Last night I managed to worry so much about this "why am I not getting any contract work" thing that I went to bed just about panicking. I think trying to put a lid on that would be a very good thing. I'm not thinking about it until next week, and then I'll email Doug and ask him to phone me, and either way, this will be fine. It's not like it wouldn't be a damn good thing if I spent some time doing work I need to do rather than work I get paid extra for. Anyway, let's just let this go for a moment, think about it next week, and in the meantime, get on with the billion other things I need to do.

Addendum: If you're going to try to break repetitive thought patterns, make sure no one else is listening! I went to the office this morning to drop off an exam, after I wrote the above, in the middle of being just furious because I couldn't get something stupid to work right. So I'm heading back to my car, thinking all this really negative miserable crap, and then thinking, no, you can't DO this. So I started trying to break this thought pattern, and the next thing to come out of my mouth is various unprintable words and phrases (however I may seem here, after years off and on in the UK, my daily language is, shall we say, a little colorful. No one swears like the English.). Which would have been ok had I not been walking past the open window of a car with someone in it... something I noticed only afterwards. So of course you cough and splutter and try to pretend that you were really doing something sensible rather than swearing out loud and to yourself. This, by the way, never works.

Last night, we were talking about setting goals. Our weights as of yesterday were roughly 492 and 282 (and I'm fluctuating around again, sigh; what's it going to take to get below 280?). Where would we like to be by the end of next month? By the end of the year?

So, some goals.
By the end of June: Michael, 475, Nina, 270 (yeah, that would be a bit of a stretch for me, but you never know)
By the end of the year: Michael: 400, Nina 240. Both of those numbers are what I'd call stretch goals... If Michael lost 2 lbs/week, he'd be 428 roughly; if I lost 1 lb/week, I'd be 250. So the stretch goals require trying a little harder and things going right, but they're not completely out of the question by any means, not really unrealistic.

What's for dinner? Crunchy tilapia experiment, I think.

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