Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hanging in there

Some days, it's hard. Not staying with the food, which is pretty easy for me these days, just life. Michael got up this morning looking like thunderclouds; he'd had another night of leg cramps and the trouble is... well, everything you'd think. Doesn't sleep well, so exhausted, and no one does well when tired. Plus spending a lot of the night in a considerable amount of pain does not make anyone a happy bunny. It all adds up. You can deal with the normal stuff if there aren't a lot of add-ons, but the add-ons make everything harder to handle. Impossible to handle, some days.

I don't know what the story is with the leg cramp thing. It's intermittent. We've tried potassium supplements; that's what everyone recommends... but I don't think it has much effect, too much makes him feel awful, and we're eating a pretty balanced diet right now; it's not very likely that he's deficient in potassium. There's a host of other possible culprits... not enough water, some other deficiency, not enough activity (that one seems kind of likely to me), and so on. But no one seems to know exactly what causes them, or how to really cure them, although there are lots of things you can try. Anyway, he's having a rotten day, and it's all a little much, and I don't blame him for feeling that way. Yes, a lot of these things are probably direct results of being too fat for too long. We know that. But knowing it doesn't help. We are trying like hell to do whatever we can.

I just wish that things would get a little better and stay that way, rather than this current cycle of some new issue every day. I try not to complain, because what good does it really do? But we could certainly use a little bit of a break.

What's for dinner? Grilled chicken with cauliflower-leek mash, and a few lima beans.

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