Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Wake up and smell the tea

Welcome to Tuesday morning. Here I am, with my cup of Yorkshire Gold tea (possibly the best commercial tea in the universe but a true nuisance to get in the U.S.), a tiny breakfast of melon and a cold hamburger (weird but it works), and husband that most closely resembles a large breathing white tent (he's sitting in the next chair covered with a fluffy quilt, snoring lightly), and bored out of my skull. I already read the local paper and the Wall St Journal, I checked all the blogs on my list plus a few that I don't have bookmarked because they're not really low carb... and you know, people... you really don't write often enough! The world is supposed to be entertaining me better.

It's my long school day... three statistics labs to teach in a row, oh joy... and I should be getting going and showering and so on, but I'm really sitting here musing about the magic of beans. No, not magic beans, that's another story!

Three days ago we started doing three things differently. First we adjusted some things that has meant that Michael sleeps better, which means that I sleep better, too... details not really important. Secondly, we started really taking a lot of probiotics and other anti-yeast related supplements on the theory that one thing that may be going on is some sort of yeast overgrowth problem.... more on that in some other post. And the third thing... we started eating legumes again. Chickpeas. Red beans. Lentils. Not a lot. About 1/4 cup with lunch and 1/2 cup with dinner. I don't know whether it's one or all of these things, but the difference in energy levels and mood around here over the last few days has been extraordinary.

Beans have a big thing going for them, as far as I can tell... they are essentially carbs, but they are high fiber and low glycemic, so they don't promote a big insulin response, and so are far less likely to kick in the evils of physical response to carbs. And they're a protein source, too. I don't know. I'm finding this all quite magical... and my weight was a fraction lower this morning, too, as it has been every day for the last three days. So... I think this means that I need to spend some more time researching glycemic indices and glycemic load... arcane mysteries at this point... and figuring out the implications of all this.

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