Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mostly good things...

Michael is just fractionally over 500 today. If we're very lucky, maybe he'll be below that tomorrow. That would be such good news. He's fretting, as usual, because now that he's really interested in losing weight, it can't be fast enough... and that's, of course, partly because he's in a lot of pain with his knees and everything else. But I can't see that it's possible to average more than a 3-4 lb weight loss weekly, even in his weight range... and trying is more likely to make your body shut down on the whole thing than anything else.

We spent a lazy, warm day mostly watching Property Ladder and marveling that it's possible for people who do everything wrong to make money flipping houses... but of course, these shows were mostly filmed at the height of the market, when you really could be an idiot and still have it all come out ok. And I cooked a lot... roast beef, and a beef stew for later in the week, and one for the freezer. It's going to be a busy week, and those always seem to be the worst here... I'm not home enough to keep things stable. But we'll hope for the best, I guess.

Anyway, in addition to the "I'm not losing enough weight" fretting, he's worrying about not getting enough exercise... and this is just absolutely true in some sense, although we have been doing the seated workout most days. That's really a great thing if you have restricted mobility, and it's a surprisingly good workout (there's a link to that back in March somewhere). But mostly he's not moving a lot... and really, what should he be doing? Everyone says, walk. But walk is hard right now, to say the least. Bike maybe, but that tends to aggravate his knees, too. I think a trip to the doctor is necessary before he does anything else, but really, what can you do under these circumstances? Swim would be good, but a public pool is out of the question, and it will be June before it's warm enough for our pool... plus if his knee doesn't get stronger, I don't know how he's going to get up and down the steps. It's a puzzle, and a depressing one. I keep looking on the low-carb forums for ideas, but no luck so far. (Suggestions, anyone?)

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