Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sluggish Saturday

In a pretty typical "spring" move here, it's turned from frigid to 80 degrees today... which would be a little easier to deal with if it wasn't nearly overnight. The lilac bushes are leafing out, my perennials and herbs are coming up... and I'm unbelievably lethargic, mostly due to the abrupt change of weather, I think.

I sort of felt like I should post something, since I hate clicking on blogs and seeing the same thing again and again, but there's not a lot to report other than, I think this is going to be a slow weight week. I've been bloated and unbelievably hungry half the week, for no reason that I can think of other than typical female cyclical stuff... and the timing seems off. Michael's leg and mood are fractionally better, I think... but his weight isn't moving much, either. Probably not a surprise after last week's big loss, but still. Next Friday is our anniversary... and it would be lovely to have some good weight numbers to celebrate with. But that's a full week away, so it's certainly possible.

I think I'm just bored. I'm thinking about food because I have nothing better to think about, and a wise person would stick an audio book on the iPod and go outside and plant some stuff. Or clean the house. Or something.

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