Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Better news

Since Monday, Michael's down about 5 lbs, and I'm down about 1 lb. Not a lot for me, but these days, I take pretty much anything as good. The secret of the moment? Trying really hard to focus on smaller portion sizes, less fatty meat, and so on. So far, so good. Monday we had curry with shirataki noodes, and both of us only ate about half (the dog was happy!). Yesterday I made a vat of low-carb fish chowder and we had a couple of cups for dinner. I'm thinking salmon and salad tonight; we've been a little light on the vegetables. We've had big omelets mid-morning instead of a real breakfast; this has been pretty good, plus a little nibbling on ham or whatever. Only problem was a big blood sugar dip for Michael yesterday afternoon that didn't really seem to even itself out until we had some slightly sugary fruit after dinner. It's necessary, I think, that he eat some kind of fruit... or something anyway... mid afternoon, or everything dips too much.

But that magic 500 milestone is not so far away for him, and that would be such a boost for both of us. He's been very low lately, back pain, leg pain that I think is turning out to be an ITB problem... usually associated with runners and people doing squats, but at his weight, every time he gets up, it's like doing too many squats. And the main remedy is just rest, and that's the thing he does worst. It's been a terribly discouraging few months for him; one minor injury after another, and none of them are really minor for him. It wears us both down. Every time things get better, there's another setback.

I am so determined that after this leg gets better, we are going to work like hell to strengthen his leg muscles somehow, so this kind of thing doesn't keep happening. I know that the real answer is "lose weight"... but that's what we're trying like hell to do. There have to be things to do in the meantime, until they figure out how you can lose hundreds of pound overnight. I just wish we could find a doctor or a physical therapist who could really help, but as I've said before, it's just about impossible, I think. With this kind of weight problems, all they want to do is push you into surgery or shuffle you out of the way. It's heartbreaking.

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