Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yay! (Michael says, I'll be happy in another 50 lbs, and, sure, fine... but you've got to be happy along the way. If not, you're putting your life on hold until that magic moment, and what's the point in that? The road to the weight you want to be runs through all these higher weights.)

And on the more icky side... I seem to have pulled some muscles I didn't know I had in my thigh/hip playing racquetball yesterday. This is such an annoying thing; besides being painful, I've been playing so much better yesterday, and I am just furious at the idea that this might put me out for a while. But hopefully a day or two of ice will make things better.

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Roy and Hazel said...

Really great to read Michael hitting this milestone. Fantastic!

Sorry about your leg. On holiday, my knee started to hurt quite unexplainedly and made walking literally a pain - but it cleared up after 5 days all by itelf.

Hope you are back to your old racquetball playing self soon!