Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's just one of those days. Slept horribly last night, woke up exhausted and miserable and depressed out of my skull. Phone rings first thing in the morning, more news about the apartments that we own, tenant running out on the rent, leaving tons of damage, after we had been nothing but kind, let this family live there for months until they got their money situation sorted out... you know, it's not really fair to crap on people who have bent over backwards to help you. One more thing that Michael will stress over.

And then got a call from a collection agent trying to get payment for a bill that I didn't even know that we owed! A leftover medical bill from last May's awful car accident that State Farm apparently neglected to pay... or maybe they did but it wasn't recorded properly at the doctor's office... or something. Only $130, but I really don't want to pay something that's not my liability and that I suspect was paid months ago. The person on the phone was just horrible, too. I know that these people have to deal with all sort of people lying to them and so on, but I wasn't, and it doesn't really help to both be rude and uninformative. So I'm envisioning weeks of trying to get this straightened out, plus more delightful conversations with these people.

Then sitting in my office this afternoon, waiting for my class time to roll around, and continuing to work my way through this blog list. Added a few good ones to my list... but also have been sitting here wondering again why SO many people fail. Why it is so hard to do this thing. Why our bodies and our brains don't work better to clear this problem. Why it's such a fight.

Probably not the best things to think about when you're stressed and exhausted anyway.

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