Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday again... and an ok week.

On an irrelevant note, I am thinking that my font size is really too small. Let's try this one. Maybe it's just that I'm squinting at everything these days... really time for a prescription recheck, I think! (On my top ten list of obnoxious things you notice as you get older.... yes, your eyes start getting noticeably worse.)

So, for the week, Michael is down 2.5 lbs., and I am down 1.5, and you have to consider that good. Not as fast as he'd like (these days, I don't even think about how fast I'd like; I'm just happy if I lose something), but he's felt better the last few days, too, and if he can get some kind of energy back, then I think that maybe he'll lose a little faster. Not that 2.5 is bad, anyway! It's just hard to be slow and steady when you need to lose hundreds of pounds. But slow and steady gets you there, and impatience usually doesn't.

I think that's the biggest problem... we were talking about this yesterday... even if you're totally committed to losing weight, how many hours of the day can you devote to "losing weight activities." I mean, a decade ago when I was on kind of a manic tear about trying to lose weight (and I did, about 100 lbs... of which I gained back 60, although it took me about 8 years to do that), I worked out at the gym and went to aerobics class and played racquetball and took a karate class and walked most mornings. I probably spent 3-4 hours every day on some form of exercise. But that still leaves you with 20 hours not devoted to losing weight, in some sense. 20 hours (yes, I know, some of that is sleep etc.) in which it's more about trying not to screw it up. And for Michael right now, he can't even put those hours in... maybe the half hour or so we spend on the seated workout. As he gets more fit, he can spend more time on these sort of activities... but the bottom line is, so much of losing weight is a passive waiting game (I mistyped and wrote "weighting" two times!), trying not to lose hope or patience while you wait.

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