Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thought for the day, though probably completely obvious. Do NOT eat a huge meal late at night. Ugh ugh ugh ugh, and I feel like death today. Michael had a terrible night, too, which he puts down to all of the things that can go wrong with the way he interfaces with the world, but really, I blame the steak. We actually both felt so lousy that we crawled back into bed (fortunately it's the day I teach late), and I never ever do that. Bleah. Don't you just love it when you do things you know you shouldn't and then they turn out the bad way that you could pretty much have anticipated?

This all resulted from something that started actually positive, I think... since Michael's been having all these aches and pains lately, he actually spent some time reading low-carb stuff on Monday, which is pretty much a first. While I think this did nothing to explain the achiness (want to be frustrated? Look up "muscle aches" as a symptom. You get about 500 possible things that you could have, from having broken something to being bitten by something you never heard of), it's the first time I've sort of felt that he might be seeing the logic of all this.

So the upshot of all of that is that he also thought for a while about when he was in the UK, when he could still drive, and when he'd sometimes go to the butcher (sigh, I miss UK butchers and their white aprons and silly hats) and get just a huge amount of meat, pounds, and eat it all, and then both feel great and have his weight be lower the next day... and so, we decided to up the protein once again, try giving him really a LOT of protein for a few days and see if that did anything for his fatigue.

I did work out protein requirements, using the Eades' method, a while ago, and figured... something I don't remember, but that works out to something like, I should be eating about 6 ounces of meat/meal and he should be eating about 8 oz. to maintain lean body mass. We usually average a little more than that these days, but that's a minimum requirement, so that's ok I assume.

Anyway, so with the best of intentions I trotted off to the store yesterday and bought some huge steaks for dinner, which seemed like a great idea except that (1) somehow we missed lunch so the extra protein at dinner was cancelled out by the lack of lunch, and (2) somehow it got really late and so we didn't eat dinner until about 8:30, and the rest is history. It's hard to feel boundless energy from the (supposed) extra protein when you mostly feel like death.

And I didn't keep a food diary so I have no idea what we ate anyway.

My weight is the same as it was on Monday, which is up fractionally from what it was yesterday. Let's see what happens tomorrow. I got up (the second time), made tea and got the mail and discovered that I was supposed to show up for jury duty yesterday, which I totally forgot. This really has the makings of a great day... (However, in this part of NY state, if you call them and tell them you were an idiot and forgot, they just throw you back into the jury pool, so that's actually less of a hassle than it would have been to get excused. Probably not a good long-run strategy, though!)

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