Monday, February 25, 2008

Another Monday...

It's a mixed bag. On the bad side... both of our weights are up again for the week... fractionally. That makes two straight weeks of fractional gains. Most of last week we ate considerably more calories than we have been on average, although not the last two days. Our weights were higher mid-week than they are now. What does any of that mean? I have no idea. In a way, I'm having a hard time taking it seriously; it's just so ludicrous that I almost regard it as one big joke. Which it isn't, of course, but still...

On the good side... we both feel a lot better today. The last two days... I just feel like my mood has lightened a little; I don't feel so low. And Michael actually slept through almost all the night last night, and is not so achy today, hasn't been getting those statin-like pains for the last couple of days. Really feels better this morning. What's different? I don't know. Didn't eat any eggs yesterday is the only food thing. Continued higher protein. A few more things in the supplement pile. Nothing that you can really point at and say, wow, it's that.

Plan for this week: mainly keep up the protein. Just for the hell of it, no eggs. Get some wheat-free protein, see what happens. Don't worry about the calories.

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Carol said...

Hi Nina,

It's great to see some good news! I think even the fractional weight up is good news, considering that you did eat or try to eat a lot more last week than before. I mean, at least it's not POUNDS up!

I'm glad that today your situation seems almost funny...better that than how you were feeling last Saturday!

And the news that you both feel a bit better is great! Could it partly be the sun shining through? Maybe a feeling that spring is on the way and the cold, dark winter almost over? (Not just metaphorically but actually!) That's how I felt the year I lived where it was so gray and sunless, as well as icy and snowy. Just the hint of spring and more sun coming lifted my spirits.

Best wishes to you guys as you continue this journey of discovery!