Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Calories or not. Time or not. Whatever or not.

Another discouraging weight day all around. Yes, I know I said that one of the things about weighing yourself every day is that you have to not get hooked into the ups and downs. But, hey, sticking around the same weight for basically years is more than a little frustrating. So the upsurges dishearten me a lot. Yesterday... approximately 28 net carbs, 1900 calories... give or take a few on the gravy the I couldn't really figure out quite right.

So... either I'm eating too many or too few calories, either I'm eating too many or too few carbs, or there's something else wrong. And I did play an hour of racquetball, too. Michael's weight up fractionally, too, and that makes me think that this is way more about eating too late and too heavily in the evening.

The trouble is, every time I get stuck on this, I want to change everything, and scientifically speaking, that's a recipe for being able to figure out nothing. So here is my plan for today: change just ONE thing. Try to eat dinner between 6 and 7, and eat less of it. Not fewer calories, but less for dinner.

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