Sunday, February 17, 2008


Well, ok. Yesterday, the breakdown looked like this: calories, 2603 (I think this is a little high regardless), net carbs about 25, total carbs about 50, fiber about 25. 61% fat, 31% protein, 8% carbs (that gross not net carbs; it's the way the program figures them). My weight is down fractionally today... about 1/3 lbs. (My scale actually weighs in kilos; Michael brought it from the UK, and so you have to start with kilos and convert to lbs, which is why all the fractions of pounds.) Oh, and I played racquetball. And I chugged a LOT of water.


Interesting and strange really.

I wish I were a brilliant writer rather than a merely competent one. I read other blogs, and other people have all sorts of interesting things to say and thoughts of profoundness and what have you. Most of my profound thoughts are not about this... at the moment, most of my irritated thoughts are about this, I have to say! Between the sluggishness of my weight loss and the continued worries about Michael, who isn't feeling good on the whole, for a lot of reasons, I just want... I don't know, something positive. A bright star from the heavens telling me that I'm doing the right thing. A really good day. M. to wake up actually feeling ok for a change. My weight to start falling off, not so much for me but so that I'd have a better case to convince him that this is the way to go. Something. I feel really dreary today.


Carol said...

Hi Nina,

Haven't had a chance to sit down for a couple of days and go through my usual routine of reading my blogs and discussion groups...and I've been in withdrawal!!

I'm certainly not a bright star from heaven, but I think you're doing great! I know it's a huge change of thinking to give upping the calories -- and especially the fat -- a try, so I applaud your efforts to do so. My opinion is that a good period of time to see how it's working would be at least 2 weeks to a month.

Has your husband had the flu or something similar? Or is he maybe going through some sugar withdrawal? Many people who go on Atkins, where the carbs are very low, do experience this for a week or more while the body is going through the change of converting from burning sugar as fuel to burning fat as fuel. What I read is that, once this process is past, a new renewal of energy kicks in and people feel better than they have in ages...years, usually.

Just hang in're doing very well and I have faith that it's going to get even better. Oh, and I really like your writing style. It's profound enough for me!

BTW, did you see the video on Jimmy Moore's site of Gary Taubes giving a lecture? It's actually, in my opinion, not his best lecture, but still good.

Take care,

Nina said...

I did see that the Taubes video was posted, but so far I haven't had time to actually watch it! And it's not looking good; I'm buried in things that need to be done yesterday (and so what am I doing? Writing this...).

My husband... it's not the carb transition stuff, although I'm not so sure that isn't a factor somewhere. We've been doing this for a couple of months now, more or less, so it shouldn't be that. I think he's not eating enough, not nearly enough, and the trouble is that he's just been unbelievably depressed lately, and so on top of everything else, he's had no appetite. And, well, he's carrying a lot of weight around, so not getting enough fuel is making him feel weak, plus he's emotionally exhausted, and the combination is not a good thing. He's felt fractionally better... fractions again!... the last couple of days, so I'm hoping it continues along that path. And I'm trying to stuff proper food into him whenever he will let me. There's considerable irony here!

Anyway, you are by far the brightest star I've had today, thanks again!