Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, no weight change again. Really bloated. Food yesterday: this is what I logged, calories 1533, carbs 29, net carbs 18, protein 130. All of those numbers were a little off; I had a nut bar at work that I thought I'd logged the data for, but apparently not, plus we had gravy with the chicken, and figuring the calories on that always stumps me. Different every time anyway, so best to just note that I probably had 200 calories or so in gravy. So... probably more like 2000 calories, and the bar is 3.3 net carbs. And we really only ate two meals yesterday, a huge breakfast and then I went off to work for the whole afternoon, and got home just in time to put together dinner.

I'm still looking for that magic combination.

Michael wants to cut down the portion sizes, size of meals in general, and get more of the protein via shakes. I'm not totally against this idea at all... although I think that there are a lot of things that you get out of real food that you don't get out of a protein shake. But his weight is just dragging him down, and who can blame him? The other bit, of course, is that trying to have more and smaller meals is a lot more work and sometime I suppose that I'd like to not be fussing with food always. It's that fine balance between I really don't mind... and yet it all takes up a lot of time.

It is hard not to feel frustrated. More calories less calories more fat less fat more protein less protein more supplements less supplements. I know that there's an answer here.

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