Monday, February 4, 2008

The First Week in February

It's Monday, so we get the weight of the week. Unimpressive. For both of us, the weight loss of the week is an impressive... nothing really. But that's ok. The trend is downward, the moving average charts still point down, and that's what's important.

If you're going to weight yourself every day... or even every week... it's really important not to get hung up on the day to day stuff. Everything you do changes something, when you eat, what you eat (obviously), what you drink (0r don't drink), and so on. I don't think that anything was helped by eating the Unbelievably Salty Stew (note to self: remember that salt pork is NOT the same thing as bacon; it will not make anything better if you put a ton of it in). Oh well, the dog is enjoying the leftovers.

But I want to think GOAL for this week. Me, 2 lbs. Michael... well, 6 lbs. would be a magic number, but 3-4 lbs. would be a good thing. He's trying a slightly higher level of carbs, so we need to watch this like a hawk, I think. No blood sugar lows for him, though, and that's a huge plus.

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