Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This Is SO Not Me. And Wednesday food.

I am taking MizFit's words of wisdom to heart this week and trying to either do things that are Not Me or that are What I Want to Be. Mostly I have to say that this has involved making a lot of phone calls that I didn't want to make because I am absurdly phone-phobic. Not about talking on it, just about making calls.

But I came in Monday, and Michael was flipping through the local paper, and he said, look, they're doing a Valentine special at this spa, how about I buy you an hour and fifteen minute massage?

My instant thought: what on earth would I do for an hour and fifteen minutes while someone was massaging me? Couldn't I be doing something useful with this time?

I am pretty sure that this says something fairly significant about my degree of mind/body connection and how poorly I understand the concept of relaxation and how I do badly when I don't have something to occupy my brain.

Then I thought, this is So Not Me. So I should probably give it a go. So I said yes. But this is tomorrow, and now I'm back to thinking, what am I going to DO during this massage? I am kind of nervous about it. Ok, very nervous about it. I think that this is not they way that you're supposed to feel. This seems like a chore that I have to get through rather than something that will give me pleasure. I'm sure I'm wrong about this. Or I hope so, anyway.


Today was a teaching day. We had quiche and protein shake for breakfast. Then I had a South Beach protein bar for "lunch"... wow, I am SO over how sweet these things are. They were a guilty pleasure for a moment because I rarely eat grains or very sweet things, but now I'm just back to thinking, ick. But the sweetness gives me just enough zip to get through my last class. I bet that says nothing good about what my blood sugar is doing after eating these. Yes, Not Real Food.

And I came home and ate a chicken wing segment and about an ounce of cheese on a cracker and a tablespoon of hummus.

For dinner we had about 8 oz. salmon (too much), baby bok choy sautéed with garlic, and a few green and yellow beans. For some reason that I can't figure out at all, Blogger wants to rotate this image 180 degrees, which makes it look kind of odd, not a big deal but why is it doing it?

And I had a sugar-free chocolate and some blackberries and raspberries.

Weight: (-1.3)

Today's bonus picture.... my cat snuggles up to a stuffed sheep.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hope you like the massage. I love massages--just about my favorite thing on earth. And really, other than enjoy it there's really no need to do anything else. I do know that's hard for more diligent types, but for a McSlacker, doing nothing comes pretty easily to me.

Hope you end up enjoying it; good for you for trying the "not me!"