Thursday, February 12, 2009

Massage Update. And Thursday food.

I'm sure that you're all out there going, awwww, she has to go for a massage that she really doesn't want, oh poor baby. I know this sounds ridiculous. But I have to say that I spent all morning being insanely nervous about this.

And it was ok, mostly.

I have to say, I am probably not going to be down on the list of people who find this the most wonderful thing ever.... although I can see how it could really grow on you. It was nice. My head did not chatter too much, except for the last ten minutes when my claustrophobia kicked in, and I started feeling like I couldn't move, and got kinda sorta irrationally panicky. Honestly... who panics during a massage? Isn't this the absolute reverse of what you should do?

But the really good thing is that Massage Person Christina turns out also to be a personal trainer, and I signed Michael up for a massage next week (I'm not entirely sure that he's going to be able to get on the table, but the only way to find out is to try), and maybe that will turn out really well... and maybe she will have some good suggestions about trying to get him more mobile. I liked her. She was peaceful and knowledgeable. And I do think that people come into your life at particular times for particular reasons, so I'm hopeful.

I still think that this is so not me... but I can see how it would be good for me to become a person who was a little more able to be good at relaxation time. And I have to say that finding a personal trainer really would be me, the me I'd like to be anyway.

Food... the usual quiche and protein shake. On request from Michael, I got latt├ęs on the way home from the massage place, and then I had some seafood salad and green salad that looked exactly like the picture a couple of days ago, so I was too lazy to photograph it. I nibbled on probably too many pork rinds and two chicken wing segments while waiting for Real Dinner to cook.

Real Dinner was chicken thighs and green beans, not exactly exciting. Michael just had a protein shake for dinner because his mouth is bothering him... and yet his blood sugar is, for him, quite high. How can your blood sugar leap up when you're not eating anything? There's clearly something I don't understand here. (And on another note, Blogger rotated this picture when it uploaded again. Why does this happen?)

Anyway, I had a sugar-free chocolate, and now we're off to bed.

Weight: (-0.7 lbs)

Oops! Now the stegosaurus is concerned about his weight, too!


Crabby McSlacker said...

I don't think feeling a bit panicky during a massage is weird at all; lots of folks just don't feel all that comfortable with them. But it sound like being openminded brought Christina into your life, which might just end up being a good thing!

Nina said...

The funny thing, though, was that it wasn't until just toward the end, and it wasn't about the being massaged or being naked or anything like that... which I guess I would think of as "normal"... whatever that is. It was just this intense claustrophobic feeling of needing to move. I swear I totally brought this on myself by thinking about it.

I do have this really good thing feeling about all of this, though.