Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eek. And Thursday food.

I have just realized that all the paperwork for Michael's permanent green card has to be in next week. I was thinking that we had a couple of weeks yet. This is a HUGE big deal, and we've kind of dropped the ball on it with everything else going on.


Quiche for breakfast. Then we spent all morning doing hardly anything and talking about how much we
really didn't want to go to Rochester. We finally decided that smart people would have lunch before they went anywhere, so I had this salad with four chicken wing segments.

It was absolutely frigid in Rochester... maybe 27, but -800 with the wind chill. That might be a slight exaggeration, but it sure felt like it. By 4 pm we were hungry again, and I was grocery shopping, and so we had
some of these smoked salmon pinwheels, which I have to say turn out to be a good calorie/carb deal if not a great price deal. Half of the package (of 12) is about 130 calories and almost no carbs, and they're yummy. The really great thing about this, in my mind, is that Michael was happy to have something low carb and snacky, rather than something like a sandwich. This way of eating... and the recognition that his blood sugar levels matter, too... have been a very hard sell over the last year, but all of a sudden, he's tuning in to this, and it helps me, too. (We skipped the unnecessary latté that we usually get because he said, we really don't need the carbs. You have no idea what a huge thing this really is.)

Got home and sata around playing with my new toy and arguing (cordially) about why there aren't any good bands any more. Next thing I know, it's nearly 7 pm, and I'm starving and absolutely chilled to the bone freezing cold. Sometimes things remind you sharply that a calorie is a unit of heat. I had a 1.5 ounce hambur
ger that I'd cooked earlier, and then made dinner.

This is salmon with a maple chipotle mustard glaze, beans, and baby spinach wilted with garlic
and a touch of sour cream, and I have to say that it was fantastic.

I had a sugar-free chocolate, but the idea is that I'm not having anything else tonight, so I'm posting this now.

And here's how hard it was to type this morning, with a needy cat who refused to separate himself from my arm....


MizFit said...

needy cat?
whiny toddler?

tomato tomahhhhhto.

have a great friday. sounds as though it shall be filled with green card paperwork?

Nina said...

Whiny toddler totally trumps needy cat, although needy cat has significant claws.

Green card paperwork
Doctors appointment
Statistics exam

It's going to be a really fun day...

Crabby McSlacker said...

That food looks so delicious!

Good luck with the green card paperwork and the -800 degrees! Hope it warms up and you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could tell me more about the smoked salmon pinwheels. I assume since they come in a package of 12, they are premade at the grocery store ? What grocery store are you shopping at ? Is this sushi ? I shop at Kroger and they sell sushi, but I am wondering if "smoked salmon pinwheels" is a name of sushi ?

Anonymous said...
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Nina said...

The smoked salmon pinwheels are made by Spence and Co. (They have a website,
The grocery store here (Wegmans) carries them in the seafood section with other sorts of prepacked smoked fish.

I have no idea if they carry these at Kroger or not... I haven't been to a Kroger in 15 years; they don't have them here! But this company seems to have national coverage, so maybe. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I certainly check it out. I've just found your blog today, and am restarting Atkins induction tomorrow. I look forward to reading your posts !