Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday food, and a low-carb cooking show

The trouble is that I have been spending all my time playing with my new iTouch toy. This is really a cool toy, but the problem is that there are many thing in my life that I should be doing besides playing JewelQuest. Or looking for fun apps. But maybe after I get over my obsession with this stupid game, I'll try the exercise things that I also downloaded. If I every get healthy; I still have this endless sore throat/chest congestion cold. It's been a week... when is this thing supposed to be over?

Anyway, it was a great weight week. Down 4 lbs., and for someone whose weight has been stalled in a major way for a long time, that's paradise. I think that the combination of posting the food pics here and spending some time really thinking about some of the cognitive stuff (plus distracting myself playing this silly game) is actually working. I hope, anyway. I would really like to see this continue.

It was a weird day yesterday.

We had quiche for breakfast, but skipped the protein shake because we are trying to eliminate anything that might be setting off Michael's mouth ulcers... so I make him one without the liquid vitamins, etc., that I usually put in, and I couldn't be bothered to make another for me. So I had 3 chicken wing segments before I went to school, and skipped my usual last-class-of-the-day Not Food South Beach bar.

Came home, and Michael fed me some cold quiche. I also had about 2 ounces of goat cheese (probably not quite that much) on a cracker before dinner.

For dinner we had tilapia, beans, and the rest of the Brussels sprouts (ok, I was getting seriously tired of them).

I had a sugar free chocolate, and just before bed, I had a couple of crackers and two bits of cheese, trying to settle my stomach. Probably could have skipped those. The crackers are not a good thing; they are pretty low carb but they add up.

For any other low-carb fans out there... I stumbled across an actual low-carb cooking show last night on FitTV. It's Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen, and the web site, with recipes, is here. I was partly kind of stunned to see a low-carb cooking show, since the only other one I know of is the Eades' show, Cookworx, which sometimes shows on PBS. Anyway, this show was ok. The host is likeable, and is losing weight on a low-carb diet and talks about it, and the recipes look pretty good, although yesterday he was cooking all desserts. He did say, even though these are low carb, they are treats. Not to eat every day. (It's unfortunate that the recipes list carbs but not calories, too... I mean, most low-carb people don't count calories, but keeping an eye on general ranges is, I think, a good idea.) I am also not a fan of what I think of as pseudo-carb recipes... substitutes for things that you would otherwise eat; it's why I'm not such a fan of the Dreamfields pasta, though we do eat it sometimes. If you have, say, low-carb cake, that send the "cake is ok" message, and personally, I do better with just, "cake is not ok." But not everyone is me, and some people have way more of an issue with not being able to eat particular foods than I do. Anyway, I thought the show (and the site, which has smart recipes that look good) was well worth a look. I'll try cooking some of these later. He uses a lot of soy flour, not something I ever cook with, but I'm game to give it a try.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

Hope you feel better soon!

And I'm surprised there aren't more low carb cooking shows; seems like lots of folks would be interested. Glad you found one.

Congrats on the 4lbs!!!!!