Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yogurt and Low Carb

This is what I'm puzzling over today. The one thing that happened last week, food-wise, is that we started eating a lot more yogurt, particularly Greek yogurt (ummm. Fage full fat Greek yogurt. Highly recommended but probably all in all not a good idea). We'd been eating a few berries in the evening, with a small spoonful of Stonyfield Farms whole milk yogurt, but when we discovered the Fage, which Michael loves from childhood... well, ok, a spoonful of yogurt turned into a lot more yogurt than that. Plus some fruit and nuts and a little DaVinci caramel syrup for flavor. Absolutely delicious... but I'm pretty sure there's a catch.

So I decided to research again the issue about yogurt and low-carb. This is a good link, from Laura Dolson at About.com. The bottom line is the idea that the bacteria in yogurt eats the lactose, so the carb count is less than you'd think. And Fage (and other Greek-style yogurts) have the whey strained out (which makes that lovely consistency, and that takes out more of the lactose. So if Fage says 6 g. carbs for a 7 oz. serving... and is maybe less due to that bacteria munching down on the lactose... well, that's not bad at all, right?

However. I can't help but think that the yogurt is partially responsible for a lot of indigestion lately... and I think it's all part of the big dairy picture; the less the better. I can't quite give up the cream in my tea, but everything seems better when I minimize the rest of it. I'll report back on this.

And while I'm at it... a HUGE boo hiss to Stonyfield Farms for this article... way to totally miss the boat, guys. Another nutritionist who'd rather dismiss low carb diets rather than doing a little research and discovering that the right answer is, this food is fine on a low carb diet (if you skip the sweetened products, anyway).

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