Thursday, March 20, 2008

Experiment results + moaning about walking

For whatever it's worth (and, let's face it, one data point is not worth a lot), Michael's weight is down nearly 2 lbs. this morning, and my weight is down 2/3 lb. (though not, I might add, all the way back to my lowest weight this cycle. Ok, that's less than 1 lb. lower than this, but still, every bit has been so hard here that every new low counts a lot.). I walked this morning... in wind and light snow, I might add, although the gift yesterday was noticing that the snowdrops are up on my front lawn!

I'd just like to say that I hate walking. I know you're not supposed to say that; walking the is great all-purpose exercise, it's easy kind of, it's what we do all day... if you say you hate walking, you sound like some lazy wimp. But I'd rather do hard aerobics for the same period, or play racquetball, or lift weights... or pretty much anything other than this repetitive boring insufficiently engaging stuff. It doesn't even have the pain advantage of running or something like an elliptical walker... if it hurts a lot, I figure that I'm doing something good! And it lets my head spin. Not enough to think about, and so a half hour later I'm in a terrible mood and anxious as hell. Add that to the fact that Michael is resenting like hell the fact that he's stuck sitting in a chair while his leg heals, and I feel guilty, too... and it's all a recipe for a bad morning.

So, fine. Have another cup of tea. Stop sulking. Do something useful and be happy that you actually lost some weight today maybe.

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