Monday, March 3, 2008

The week that was

Well, ok. For this week, I'm down 1.1 lbs; Michael's down 2.5, and while it's not stellar, it's the right direction. I can live with that. He's happier and has more energy and seems to be far more interested in making this work... possibly because he's actually feeling better. So this is all good. I know that this is kind of saying, ok, I got this thing, NOW I want some other thing, but what I want is another week like this... a whole week in which he feels better, and in which we end up with some weight loss.

It's going to be sort of a challenging food week for me, too, in that I have two dinner things that I need to go to. The first one is Applebees, and so that will be ok; there are plenty of low-carb options. The other is catered dinner for work, and that's going to be harder, at least in terms of actually getting to eat. So I think I have to plan to eat before I go to that one. I really don't want this all screwed up because I get hungry and think, oh, this dessert will be just fine.

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