Saturday, March 22, 2008

The seated workout

Excellent, really. Again, the link is here.

We tried this today, after I walked. It's a beautiful sunny if frigid day in upstate NY, yesterday I worked out how to get an audiobook onto my iPod, and I'm feeling a tad less grumpy and ill-used about the walking, today anyway (yes, I know, shut up, stop whining, and get on with it). My weight as usual remains constant, sigh, but Michael's down another pound, woo hoo. And his leg is fractionally better.

Anyway, this workout is a series of seated exercises, and Michael could do all of them except the ab twist thing, which is the only one that I also thought had a little potential for hurting yourself, because I could feel my back in all sorts of unpleasant ways. The pros: minimal equipment needed (a set of light weights although you could use soup cans, paper plate or something slideable if you're wearing shoes, and a resistance band. You could skip the band, but it helps. Actually, I couldn't do all of that exercise.), don't have to stand up if that's an issue for you, and everything (just about) could be done by someone who is pretty immobile. And these are serious exercises... I could feel all of them, although certainly you'd need to up the reps and weight if you were doing some of them for long, especially the lower body stuff. And it doesn't take ages. The cons: doesn't work all muscles, especially glutes. But this is kind of a minor objection, particularly on the "some is better than none" theory.

So things are looking pretty positive here this afternoon!

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