Friday, March 14, 2008

A little behind...

I've been a little behind here, busy with everything else in the world and little low, trying to imagine when spring is EVER going to come to upstate NY. But last week was a decent week... Michael was down about 6 lbs, and I was down a little under 2. I consider that just fine!

But that was Monday, and I've been edging up fractionally since then. Want to blame it on bloat or something... and truly, I haven't been drinking enough water, not regularly, but my real suspect is cheese. Not that I've been eating a lot of it, but in the last week, it's been back... a little cheddar the last few day, a few sliced cheeses trying out the new George Foreman grill. I have this feeling that I shouldn't be eating that at all... that something about cheese doesn't work well with everything else. Or maybe it's dairy in general, as we've been in the habit of having a little yogurt and berries at night lately. Either way, I feel fine, but the scale is moving in the wrong direction!

I haven't been keeping a food diary lately... trying to get away from my food obsession, food worry obsession, etc. This has been a lot more peaceful for me, although I think I'll probably have to go back to it at some point. Makes it hard to know if I'm screwing up the numbers somewhere. But still, not being quite so insanely worried is truly worth a lot.

In a moment of madness, I bought a couple of indoor grilling things... stupid, really, when it's almost the season for the far-better outdoor grill (if spring EVER shows up!). One is the new model of George Foreman... next Grilleration or something equally silly. Like all GF grills, it works well... but I have to say that this one takes up a serious amount of space relative to what you can grill on it. The selling point is that the plates come out so you can wash them more easily, and this is truly a HUGE plus. But I could barely fit 4 hamburger patties onto it, and while that's bigger than the old ones, as I recall, it's still not a lot of cooking area relative to the amount of space it takes up on my counter... which is considerable, and it's not the kind of thing that's easy to just take out and put away.

The real madness was that I also bought a Zojirushi indoor grill... what was I thinking, exactly? I think it was that this thing really does have more cooking surface and seems like it would be better for things like vegetables or seafood... but did I need this? I don't think so! But I love Zojirushi products; their rice cookers are the best around (although I sadly put mine away), and everything they make is great. So hopefully this will be good, too... I haven't actually tried it yet.

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