Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recommitting AGAIN

It's been a rough week or so, here. Yeah, I know, I always say that, but... well, it has been. It's been just over a week since Michael's last bout of whatever-the-hell-it-is weakness and edema and whatever. This one has been worse but considerably shorter. As of today, he's stronger, though not back to where he was, and the edema is going, and he's acting a LOT more like himself. The conversation that we've had approximately 10,000 times over the last ten days is, was this a reaction to drugs (his theory) or was this round 3 (at least) of the same thing (my theory). Either way, (1) I am sick to death of talking about it because I just don't know, and (2) we have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and maybe he'll be able to think of some new tests.

Anyway, as I've said about a billion times, Michael gets sick, and I stop taking care of myself. Mainly, although I still eat low carb since it's such a habit, I eat way too much and the wrong food balance, and I don't exercise. Sigh. This is a pattern that just has to stop. So yesterday I went and played racquetball with my students for a while, which was just great, and today I'm menu-planning and class-planning for the week, and hoping to get myself reorganized and back on focus. And tomorrow I will weigh myself, which I haven't done in a week, either... and this is never a good thing.

So let's see where I'm at in a week, whether I can actually balance ME with everything everyone else need from me. At some point, I really have to learn to do that. And then, too, maybe I can post something more entertaining than this constant complaining about how I'm not doing what I should.

I think that I need to set some goal for the week... but I'm not sure what, yet, so I'll think about it and write it out tomorrow.

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Crabby McSlacker said...

The raquetball sounds like a really positive thing! I need to remember to incorporate FUN into exercise.

I thinks it's so smart that you're trying to focus more energy on taking care of yourself, because if you're not strong and healthy and happy, it's hard to care for anyone else either.