Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekly Stats, July 28

Michael: -2.4 lbs, 477.4, total loss since January: 66 lbs., total overall loss 138.3 lbs.
Nina: +4.4 lbs, 282.7, total loss since January... oh, let's not even talk about it this week.

I spent the better part of the week in Baltimore again, doing endless sorting of stuff. (A word to the wise: if you're a collector of stuff, think seriously about what kind of a mess you're leaving to your children.) And it was just a terrible week for food... I'd get up and have a latte and then get nothing at all to eat until dinner... by which time I was starving. And I had a couple of the worst restaurant meals of my life, I have to say... last trip everywhere I went was good to great, even the chain sort of places like Red Robin were ok. This trip... well, I went to places that everyone recommended, and maybe it was an off day, but, well, just ugh. And too many carbs, either because of the restaurant type or because after not being able to eat the food, I had whatever could be found in the apartment... and paid for it, both in terms of weight and just absolutely feeling like death. I swear, eating a low-carb diet religiously for a while just destroys your body's ability to handle much of a carb load. Which is probably a good thing. I can't understand how people who have sort of a "day off" every week do it. I just absolutely feel terrible.

Michael, on the other hand, did really well. And got to stay at home, lucky boy!

I'm hoping that this is my last trip for a while. I have to go to Maine for the memorial service at the end of August, and then probably back to Baltimore in October, but if I'm really lucky, there will be no more trips in the middle. I just can't take much more of this, physically or emotionally.


Crabby McSlacker said...

It is SO frustrating trying to eat healthy while traveling! I guess empty carbs and sugar and fat are just a lot cheaper than protein and veggies, and most people don't object because they like to eat that way.

Sounds like things will be much better now that you're home.

Nina said...

I always wonder if it would absolutely kill them to just put ONE thing on the menu that you could just eat without fussing or special ordering or anything else. They could call it THE ONE HEALTHY THING. Just order it, no questions asked.