Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekly Stats, July 21

Michael: -6.4 lbs, 479.8, total loss since January: 63.6 lbs., total overall loss 134 lbs.
Nina: -4.62 lbs, 278.3, total loss since January: 24 lbs.

These numbers are a bit inaccurate since we didn't really weigh ourselves last Monday; they're a guess based off of weights a few days earlier... but the totals are right, and Michael is doing absolutely wonderfully!

But the weekly losses are kind of arbitrary, and they also make me look like I've lost weight when really I just keep bouncing around the same 3 or 4 lbs. I'll be happy when I get a few pounds lower and really have something to show for the last couple of months, but all in all, with everything going on, I think I'm doing ok. I'm going back to Baltimore on Thursday, just for a couple of days, to help my sister sort things out, so it's probably not going to be a great food week. I did a pretty good job of staying the course when I was down there last, but we will probably eat out in the evening, so it's hard to be perfect. I'll be so glad when all the apartment sorting out is done... and when my mother's memorial service, which is scheduled for the end of August, in Maine, is over. I feel disrupted and scattered all the time, and it's hard to adjust to the new "normal"... to the rest of my life, I guess. I am so sad.

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