Saturday, November 1, 2008

Too Many Carbs, Too Many Calories?

I am not losing weight. Actually, I'm gaining weight. I am about 3 lbs. higher than I started the week. And I can't for the life of me figure out why or if I should be doing anything other than noticing that it's weird and moving on. The strange thing is that this weight gain has coincided with the last three days, which have been different only in that I've been doing the Wii Fit program.

I have a feeling that I should just be ignoring this and letting it sort itself out, but really... I mean, I've been paying NO attention to what I've been eating for months. And eating far too much, though still low carb. And my weight pretty much hasn't changed. I start getting my head together to really pay attention to this again, and what happens? Not only can't I lose weight, but I'm gaining. Arrrgh. I am just really annoyed.

Yesterday I ate... cottage cheese and some cold fish for breakfast, eggs and smoked salmon for lunch, a Starbucks latte, swordfish and broccoli and a few carrots for dinner. 2 glasses of wine. Tea with milk. Oh, and some Jarlesburg cheese that I was nibbling on, and 2 Russell Stover sugar-free chocolates. Carb sources... the carrots, the milk, mainly.

I just don't know. My short term plan? Nothing in particular, I guess. My important student competition is Monday, and there is just too much to do to spend a lot of time focusing on this, unfortunately. Keep up the Wii, and try to not get totally stressed by this because I have way too much other stuff to be stressed about at the moment. But I am really puzzled and annoyed.


The Bionic Broad said...


There was a lot of salt in what you ate. That's possibly what's going on. Stress is a mother, too, and affects our weight. Keep doing what you're doing until the competition is over. By the way, if the latte was made with heavy cream, you're good to go. That's a once-a-month comfort food for me.

Vikki said...

If you don't mind a couple things that I noticed that would definitely have effected me.
First off as Nina mentioned the salt, it would make me retain water like a blimp. Another thing is the wine, you body will not burn off any carbs until AFTER it's burned all the alcohol. Some folks aren't as effective as others, but one glass of wine and I'm stalled for days.
Sugar alcohols especially Maltitol like int he Russell Stovers cause me more than gastric distress they cause me insulin spikes, stall me cause me to crave sweets and generally mess me around.
But the most important thing I wanted to mention is you've started a new exercise program. Your building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat. So it could just be the muscle your building and not anything you've done "wrong" I hate that term. Your living your life and your not a little kid that should be punished because you did something wrong.....
I'd suggest using your tape measure instead of your scale as a test to how you doing, at least until your body is acclimated to the new activity.